Salem Swing

Salem Swing

We are a social club, run by the members, for the members. We are here to bring like minded people together in a safe, respectful, tolerent way for open expression of non-traditional encounters. We are also here as a group to socialize, educate and generally enjoy life.

We can open by May 1st with your help!

We have put in an offer on a location for our meeting hall AND IT WAS ACCEPTED on March 20th!

We need at least 50 paid members very quickly to secure our lease on the building. This would be 25 couples. We could also have some single men and of course as many single women as possible.

We have 5 members right now. We only need 45 more.     10%

Learn how to get your membership now...

Read through our BLOG entries to learn how the club works and what is going on.

The answers to many of the frequently asked questions can be found here in our FAQ.

Some site statistics

We have 83 users.
    (web only: 78   club members: 5)
There are 10 messages with 10 replies in the forum.
There are 2 upcoming events.
There are 17 news articles. Your access prevents you from seeing 12 articles.

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