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What is the club all about, how do we operate, and what do we stand for?

What is the club all about?

We are a social club, run by the members, for the members. We are here to bring like minded people together in a safe, respectful, tolerant way for open expression of non-traditional encounters. We are also here as a group to socialize, educate and generally enjoy life.

Club Rules please refer to the waiver to see updated and detailed rules

The purpose of our club rules is to ensure that our guests enjoy a fun, comfortable, respectful experience.  Our rules are strictly and fairly enforced; please report any issues to any working club member.  Failure to comply with club rules is grounds for suspension or revocation of your club membership.  Members are responsible for their guest’s behavior. 

How much does a membership cost?

We have several memberships to choose from to fit how you will make use of the club.

Where is the club located?

The club is located near the Salem airport.

Alcohol at the club

We have our OLCC liquor license. There are some rules that must be followed.

Contacting the leaders and other members

There are several ways to contact people through the web site. Here is a quick overview of the process.

Marjauana use at the club

Marjauana use at the club is prohibited. Please do not bring it or use it at the club in any location inside of our fenced property. This includes the back patio.

Our web site is secure

We make sure to keep your information safe and while you are communicating with our site we keep things encrypted.

Some pictures of the club

Here are some pictures of the club before people started filtering in. We do not take pictures of our members.

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