Salem Swing

What is the club all about?

Our mission statement says a lot

We are a social club, run by the members, for the members. We are here to bring like minded people together in a safe, respectful, tolerant way for open expression of non-traditional encounters. We are also here as a group to socialize, educate and generally enjoy life.

But what does it all mean?

It means that we are a true club. Not a business open to the public out to make a profit. 

The club is guided by a core group of people, elected by the club members, who then make day to day decisions that are for the good of all members of the club. 

All members of the club pay dues, but in return anyone can make use of the club facilities at no additional charge, with exceptions and within reason of course. 

Property is owned by the club and its members and cannot be disposed of by any members or the leaders without proper approval. Money that comes into the club from any source is used to keep the club running and growing for the benefit of all club members not just the leaders or any small group of members. 

The club operates in a physical and virtual world with basic rules of respect, tolerance and discretion. The virtual world is mostly FREE for anyone to join without any real limitations beyond those of basic respect to others and common sense used on almost any social web site. The physical side of the club requires a membership and has some basic limitations. Although we will not discriminate based on age, race, religion, ethnicity or other such things, we may discriminate on gender to the point that we want to keep the club balanced and not have too many single men in relation to the number of single women and couples. We will also discriminate based on personality and appearance in that you must have a generally good attitude and be respectful, tolerant, discrete, free from communicable disease, clean and neat.

For the most part, the club is here to help all members enjoy life as much as possible.

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