Salem Swing

Some pictures of the club

Here are some pictures of the club before people started filtering in. We do not take pictures of our members.

Lockers The lockers where you can store your personal items. There is usually someone at the front desk to keep an eye on your things, but if you are concerned, you can bring your own lock and secure your items.
Kitchen/Bar The kitchen and bar. The area is a little tight but we can serve you up something to eat and something to drink.
Dining Room The main dining area is a fun place to listen to the music, converse, eat and drink. Although you are welcome to take your food and drink into the other social areas, we ask you not take any food or drinks into the play areas.
Pool Room The pool room is a wonderful place to socialize, play a few games and relax. There is no charge to play and it is very easy to converse in this room.
Couch Room Just off the main area, the couch room is another wonderful place to converse. We keep supplies in this room just in case the conversation turns to a little play time. Clean up is quick and easy.
Video Room The video room has a TV and streaming porn for your viewing pleasures. The two couches can be used as-is or folded down into beds if play time is desired. Clean up is quick and easy.
Dance Area The dance area has some cool lighting and the music can be turned up to make your dancing more entertaining. We have digital music as well as streaming services. Play it fast and loud or soft and slow, what ever you desire to get your feet moving.
Super Bed Room The super bed room is a great place for groups to play together. Lots of room to move around on these two queen size beds. And on some nights we can move things around to change it up a bit.
Private Room The private room has a queen bed for your playing pleasures. Close the door for total privacy or leave it open if you want to be watched.
Massage Room Need a good massage or want to give one? Make use of our massage bed. Anyone can use it but we have several members that are very skilled in the art and there is never any charge.
Exhibition Room The exhibition room has been playfully named the "fish bowl" because there is a large glass window that gives members the ability to watch the action. There are two queen beds in this room. The first bed is always in plain view of the large window for those that want to show off. The second bed can be left in plain view or made private by closing the curtains.
Viewing Area The viewing area sits just outside of the exhibition room. Sit, drink socialize and watch the action unfold. When people are playing, this is a very popular location.
Back Yard The back yard has plenty of seating, a fire pit, a privacy screen and lots of socializing. If you smoke, this is the only area you can take your break as there is no smoking in the parking lot. If you don't smoke, this is still a very fun place to hang out. We have a partly enclosed tent to keep you out of the rain in the winter and direct sunlight during the summer.

If you would like a better view of the club, just come down and check us out in person. Come during play time and see the action taking place.

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