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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Friday and Saturday night with playtime starting at 8pm, see Calendar of events page for a full listing.
Yes, we have free tours on Friday and Saturday nights from 7-8pm.
Absolutely NOT. We encourage people to come and get to know each other. You may or may not find a playmate on any given night.
The average age is between 30-50 but we have people as young as 21 and up to 70.
Yes, We welcome all types of people. You may find gay, lesbian and bisexual people at the club. We ask that members are respectful of other peoples lifestyle choices.
We welcome all body shapes and sizes and have a variety of body types within our membership.
We ask that you come to the club neat and clean. Member agrees to comply with the Club dress code: i. All clothing, including shoes, must be clean and free of tears, stains, or offensive odors. ii. Member agrees to not wear any other clothing determined to be offensive or inappropriate by Club management.
We have individual baskets available for you to use. You may bring your own lock to use for the evening if you would like but items are generally secure.
That depends on the type of membership you have. If you have a full membership, there is no door fee (except for very special events). If you any other membership, you have a small door fee
The club is located near the airport in Salem Oregon. For more information, please visit the location page.
You can be a web site only member for free which gives you a change to go to the chat room and get to know people. Once you are ready for a regular membership you can join the club as a single male, single female or couple. See our membership page for fees and more detailed information!
YES! If you have not already had a gift or trial membership in the past 6 months, you can receive either a gift or sign up for a trial membership. These two memberships are basically the same, the only difference is how you get one. If you sign yourself up for a full membership, you get a 15 day trial at half the normal price and you can cancel at any time. If someone else buys you a gift membership, it also lasts 15 days and costs the same.
YES! We know that couples can't always make it to the club together. As long as you show up together once in a while, we will consider you a couple and you can keep your couple's membership.
In extreme cases of bad behavior, yes we can revoke your membership. Any member can be voted out of the club by the leading members if rules have been broken. We don't think this would be something that would happen very often but there are rules in place to allow the leaders to remove people that have become disruptive to the club in an unreasonable way and have refused to take guidance when given warnings. Honestly, we really hope we don't have to use this power. Adults should be able to get along without us having to result to revoking memberships.
There are three possible reasons. 1, They have not verified their email account. This is most common when a couple only gives one email address and the partner without an email doesn't verify that they are sharing an address. 2, The user messed up their login too many times and have not reset their password yet. 3, The user has done something bad and they are now locked out by an administrator. This last one is very rare and highly unusual.
Please take a few moments to look around the site. Many common questions are already covered and the answers are normally easy to locate. Some times we do miss things so if you still can't find what you are looking for, feel free to Contact Us and we will try to answer your question.

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