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Subject - Welcome to the forum!

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03/08/2015 09:58pm   by   Webmaster  
Feel free to talk about anything in this area. There are only a couple rules you need to follow. Just like when you are at the club, when you are here you should be respectful of others. You are welcome to express any opinion you like as long as you are not being rude or hurtful to the other members of this site.

Before you post messages asking about how the club works, what the hours are, or where we are located, please browse around the site. Most of the answers can be found on various pages.

The forum is not a one way communication, anyone with proper user access can post messages and reply to existing messages. Some users may need to have their posts approved prior to them being visible to other members.

Be aware, this discussion group is visible to the general public. Only web site members can post messages or reply to existing messages but guests to the site can read messages.

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