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Subject - Looking for a fun friend with benefits

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11/24/2016 03:34pm   by   Marc  
Hi I was wonder if anyone wants to chat and see if a friends with benefit situation would work. I don't drink often but enjoy my Cannabis well let me know if anyone wants to chat about this
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06/23/2017 10:44pm   by   PlusInOut  
I'd like to find a FWB. I'm hoping to meet someone who I can talk to and do things with - besides sex - however really hoping for a mutual attraction and can include sexual relationship as an area of focus. I'd be ok with more traditional sex however would appreciate someone with experience/comfort with kinkier side of things and willing to help me explore and expand my experiences. With all that said not looking for serious monogamous relationship and do not want to become "on the side" for someone in a serious relationship - even with permission.
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11/11/2017 01:28pm   by   NaughtyToddy  
Hi iam interested i FWB. would like to chat with u and see if its a match for you n me. Have a great day will talk to u later
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