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Subject - Meeting Club Members Online

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08/05/2017 07:35pm   by   SomeSalemFun  
We visited from Eugene a couple of weekends ago and had a great time. The club is clean, the staff was courteous and made sure the rules of the club were laid out. We are not new in the lifestyle (5+ years) and it was nice to see the effort everyone made to ensure that we would want to come back. Question... Is there a way to browse on this site for other member couples to chat with and get to know before driving an hour to get there?
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08/06/2017 08:29am   by   DoMeRight  
Unfortunately, if I'm remembering correctly there is not a way to browse for a list of other members. It just utilizing the chat room to talk when there are people are in the chat room.
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08/16/2017 09:26am   by   Russ&Jodi  
Eugene Couple here, we also enjoy the Club and the drive is OK. We normally go to dinner then Club on our visits.
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