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Subject - Bi night

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10/23/2017 02:41pm   by   Todd  
I was wondering if there are any other bisexual Nights schedule? My wife and I are looking for a third. :-) it would be nice to be able to come back to the club again and on the prowl. :-)
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10/24/2017 03:03pm   by   Dave  
Bi play is acceptable at the club anytime the club is open. There is a night designated for it simply because some are more comfortable that way.
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10/24/2017 10:41pm   by   Todd  
So there are bisexual night or not any scheduled? I would like to find a openly bi male to join wife and I and didn't know of there were any at the club. Absolutely interested in coming back.
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10/26/2017 08:54am   by   Meeshell  
The first Thursday of each month there is a meet and greet and a bi night time. Most of the time it is more efficient and more of a crowd to come on regular nights and start conversations with people.
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11/01/2017 02:18pm   by   Jrquiet  
I am willing to help in anyway lol and will be at the next bi night
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