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Subject - 12/15/17

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12/13/2017 11:04am   by   NotAlone  
Hi, we will be taking a tour this Friday and more than likely getting a trial membership to test the waters. We (Him/Her) are both a little anxious at attending. Anxious of what to expect and hopes of meeting up with a couple, another gal or guy. We are pretty open to things, but also curious if this is a good time to start a trial membership.

We are wondering how many people might be showing up this Friday night? Should we wait until the new year or is this still a good time?
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12/15/2017 07:10am   by   DoMeRight  
The website has a attendance record on it, but the attendance between Friday and Saturday nights varies.
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12/15/2017 09:53am   by   Meeshell  
We never know how many will show up. Average about 25 on fridays. Come and visit it is always a good time !!
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12/27/2017 02:05pm   by   Ursula Maupin  
Is there another option for tours? I really wanted to come down on Friday but we both work until 8 and can't be there earlier than 9ish.

I (we?) Are in a similar situation. He lives in out of town and can only come down on weekends but is closer than 2 hours away. I live but a few minutes from the club. I'm wondering if there is a hybrid type membership, so I as a "single" lady can play but when he's available I can bring him.
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12/27/2017 03:13pm   by   Scott  
We really do not have another option for tours after 9:00 PM. From our perspective, a tour is not mandatory. You will be given a tour once you sign up as a member of course. Regarding the membership, it would be best for you to go with a light couples membership. As the female in a couples membership, you are not required to pay door fees when you show up by yourself. You will only be required to pay door fees when the male half shows up (regardless if the female half is present).
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