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03/13/2018 06:23pm   by   Guardi  
Wife wants to find a huge cock to try? Any takers
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06/29/2018 03:41pm   by   Harley (AKA Sissy)  
Try Tim/curtain rod. Has a 8+in cock and loves to fuck. He is very shy, but a good sport once his clothes are off. He can fuck for hours, no joke!!!!!
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08/19/2018 11:19pm   by   Christopher Wesley  
I'm about 9 and thick. Can c multiolentimes AMD know how to get her off as many times as she wants.
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10/18/2018 01:15pm   by   The2ofus  
Hi Chris, we are interested in at least chatting to you. My Kik name is Duncan534 if you want to message me.
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