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Subject - Wanting to play Saturday

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10/19/2018 09:24pm   by   jessicaennans  
It has been far too long since I've been out to the club to have some fun! I'm hoping I get lucky and can have an MMF threesome or some kind of group sex. If nothing else, just to see how things have been at the club.
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10/20/2018 08:36am   by   Aufreizend  
I will be there tonight and I am experience with MMF and group play. I’m sure you will find plenty of willing participants.
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10/20/2018 04:21pm   by   jessicaennans  
I sure hope so! My first time there, I accidentally started a little gang bang hahahah So magical <3
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10/27/2018 03:35pm   by   777tat  
We will be there and might be interested if you want MFF. Just come over and ask :) We like to be with another woman, neither of us are real comfortable playing with other guys, yet :)
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10/28/2018 08:24am   by   Harley (AKA Sissy)  
If you show up on a Saturday, Tim (curtain rod) may be able to help you out. He is a bit shy, but he loves MFM threesomes. PM him and tell him when you will be there and he would jump on the chance. Have a blast (I also love MFM).
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