Salem Swing - Membership


How does membership work?

We do tours and orientations every Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 8pm (check the calendar for other days). You are welcome to join us. Get the location by getting to know some of our members.

We are set up for on-site playing in our private, semi-private or full view play areas. Be as free or as reserved as you desire.

We are offering a few different types of memberships to fit the needs of our members. Which membership you decide to purchase debends mainly on how often you plan on coming to the club and how much control you want to have over how the club is run. The three basic types of memberships are FULL, LIGHT and LIMITED. We will address each type individually.

Full Memberships

Light Memberships

Limited Memberships

Guest/Trial Memberships

Out of Area Memberships

* There may be some special event nights that require an additional fee that all members must pay regardless of their membership. These would be few and far between and may include things like our New Year's Eve party for example.

Interested? Contact us for your membership

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